A lot of people seem to be of the opinion:

Why should I vote? Nothing’s going to change anyway.

This type of cynicism and pessimism is like a cancer of apathy that seems to run rampant through society today. So many people seem to have convinced themselves that failure is such a foregone conclusion that they don’t even bother to try. Either not realizing or choosing to ignore the fact that this very attitude of defeatism is a large part of the problem.

Problems will never be solved by people who assume they cannot be. Same as the human race did not travel 380,000 kilometers to set foot on the moon by thinking that a mystical higher power that we ourselves invented did not mean for us to fly, neither will a student ever do well in school by assuming that they are too stupid to understand their work. The idea that things will never get better is so thoroughly and unremittingly disproved by history as to be totally absurd to even begin to consider as a truism. You will never move a mountain if you never start digging.

Meaning and purpose is something people so crave in their lives that they will go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to find someone or something to give it to them. While not realizing that the only thing in this universe capable imbuing meaning to anything is their own self. Purpose is bestowed by unfailingly dedicating yourself to something to want to see made real. So if you don’t like the way things are then don’t hinder change by refusing to attempt it.

John Lennon’s idea that “War is Over, If You Want It” is at once both naive and unquestionably true. Just as we are the only beings that can create destruction and chaos, so are we the only ones that can stop it.

The first step to a different future is realizing that you may have to build the path yourself.